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Top 5 Real Estate

  1. 8 bedroom for $165,000
    1120 e 30th anderson, IN
  2. 3 bedroom for $25,000
    1005 N central muncie, IN
  3. 3 bedroom for $10,500
    1413 s franklin muncie, IN
  4. 3 bedroom for $14,000
    2112 s eaton muncie, IN
  5. None bedroom for $332,000
    613 w charles st muncie, IN

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When we send out Deals .

The first call to this office wins our service on that deal, And prefer to only present your best offer to the seller, if you are the second caller and the first call does not win & purchase the property. You can be asked to be put on the list as a back up buyer. Our job is to close properties and satisfy all interested parties.

Your Rewards In Life Are Determined By Your Action

Purchasing single family homes makes sense, whether you fix them to rent out , or set them up as is for rent to own. Key strategies right now that is working is selling them rent to buy , short term such as 7-10 year term is best. It use to be a very different market where anybody could purchase a home since 2007 that changed and if you are able to offer seller financing the rewards are better paying tenants. And being very few in the market place are doing this there is a hughe demand. Try one or two and see your success!

We are in Unprecedented Time !!

Sales Of Properties Have never Been This Low Priced . We have built a reputation in the community where sellers bring them to us , for a truthful opinion on the value buyers are willing and ready to pay.Becauise of our reputation and dendability we help you save money, and Sellers get their cash alot faster.

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Not all Deals are created Equal, we try our best to get quality deals for you!